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Organizations for Open Up Michigan
Every Job is Essential PACThe Every Job is Essential PAC is dedicated to the idea that no government has the right to determine which jobs are "essential" or "non-essential," or even worse, to label people as "essential" and "non-essential". In history, that has never ended well.N/A
Michigan Freedom FundThe Michigan Freedom Fund fights to champion conservative policies on behalf of Michigan taxpayers. We are committed to the principles of limited government, transparency in government, and the freedoms found in the Constitution. We are proud to work with supporters across the state to advance conservative ideas, hold our government accountable to taxpayers, and protect Freedom and opportunity for future generations.N/A
Stand Up MichiganEquip and empower We The People to stand up for sacred values, citizen rights, and constitutional freedoms.N/A
Unlock MichiganSince March 23, 2020 Michigan has been under one of the strictest lockdowns of the country due to Governor Gretchen Whitmer's abuse of power and the use of an outdated, World War II-era law. Using this obscure, antiquated law, Governor Whitmer has issued a blizzard of over 100 executive decrees, with no accountability to your elected representatives, no public input, and no end in sight.N/A
501(c)(19)Category for Veterans associations. Donations are tax deductible to the extend allowed by law.
501(c)(3)Donations not limited and tax deductible to the extend allowed by law.
501(c)(4)Donations not limited and not tax deductible.
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